Hi, I'm Tresa Baker, the owner and photographer for Photography by Tresa! Family means more to me than anything and I love being a wife, mother, and now grandmother.

Playing with my grandchildren is one of my greatest joys. There is nothing like passing knowledge on to the next generation. We blow bubbles, play hide and seek, play with umbrellas in the rain and harvest blackberries together. Reading to them from my favorite books like the Little House series, Charlotte's Web, and Judy's Journey, and letting them "help" grandma bake something yummy are a couple of things I enjoy with them.

I'm an artist, a crafter, a singer, an avid gardener, a former radio personality, and I've been capturing memories with my camera since getting my first one for Christmas at the age of 11. Since then, I've learned a few things by taking a college course and many online courses on lighting, posing, prompting and editing.

My goal when taking photos for your family is for you to have fun. I firmly believe that everyone is beautiful and I'd love to show you and your family just how beautiful you are.

Photography has been such a fun way for me to meet new people, and one of the nicest things a client has ever said to me after I shot her daughter's wedding was "you know you're part of our family now, don't you?"