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Hi, I'm Tresa. Besides being a photographer, I am a radio personality. My radio career began in Victorville, California at a little country radio station located in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. I have hosted the evening/love/dedication show for several country stations and a soft rock station in California including country station K-Frog in Riverside as "Polly Wogg" the evening host of "Cryin' Lovin' and Leavin." I also worked at WDOK in Cleveland, Ohio and KDAT in Cedar Rapids, Iowa before making the move to the Wenatchee Valley in 2004. This is a gorgeous place to live with photo opportunities everywhere I look.

In photography, my greatest joy is to show each person the beauty they possess. Whether we are young or old, fat or thin, I think we all have our own beauty. I see it in you, and I want you to see it too.